The Perfect Moving and Delivery Company for All Your Logistics Needs

Who We Are

JSO Logistics is a family owned and operated business. John and Shelley Obernuefemann met in Austin in 2009 while Shelley was attending the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em!). John grew up in Austin and worked as a mover, driver, and crew lead for three large moving companies. Through his years of experience, he learned to effectively plan, efficiently pack and move homes and businesses, manage customer expectations, meet tight timelines, and safely navigate the environmental challenges of the Texas hill country. This is where John gained a reputation for getting a truck and trailer into the tightest spots. The North Georgia mountains are nothing to John! John and Shelley relocated to the foothills of North Georgia in 2014, and John has used his logistics and moving expertise to build a quality moving and delivery company that enjoys a great reputation and lots of repeat business!

John enjoys cooking and being out on Lake Lanier in his boat. Shelley enjoys gardening, her five rescue dogs, and letting John drive her around Lake Lanier. When you call to book a move, ask Shelley what’s blooming in her garden or which dog is on her feet. When you call John, ask him when he’s taking Shelley out on the lake again!